Friday, May 23, 2008

Wild Weekend Power Pop Festival

Those of you who plan your wild weekends in advance should note that the first annual Wild Weekend Power Pop Festival takes place Friday, August 29th and Saturday, August 30th at Emo’s in Austin, Texas. Looks like a great bill with an excellent mix of legendary power pop bands like 20/20, The Boys, Paul Collins’ Beat, The Pointed Sticks and a bunch of fresh young bands that are keeping power pop alive and kicking.

The Pacific Northwest will be well represented by Pointed Sticks and The Tranzmitors from Vancouver, The Boss Martians, The Cute Lepers and The Greatest Hits from Seattle, Olympia’s Avenue Rose and Clorox Girls from Portland.

Check out this nice homage to Rock ‘n’ Roll High School and George A. Romero from Clorox Girls.

And here’s some live footage of The Tranzmitors performing "Plastic Genocide."

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