Sunday, June 29, 2008

Recommended shows for the week of 6/29/08

Tuesday the 1st:
Telekinesis at El Corazon

Thursday the 3rd:
Mexican UFO at Blue Moon

Friday the 4th:
Model Rockets/Tripwires/Doll Test at Tractor Tavern

Andy Werth at Legion Park Everett (1:30 PM)

Saturday the 5th:
Andy Werth/Gary Reynolds/Dept. of Energy at Tractor Tavern

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Anonymous said...

If you'd like to get primed for Gary Reynolds at the Tractor, stop by the Seattle Beer Festival on the grounds of the Seattle Center where Curtains For You will perform an hour and a half set beginning at 6:45. Sure it costs a little more to get in, but you get to sample many fine brews while listening to the unique musicality of Curtains For You.