Thursday, July 24, 2008

Send The Lund Bros. to Austin

If you’ve been reading SPB for a while you might already know that The Lund Brothers are one of my fav bands and hopefully they’re one of your favorites too. So now’s our chance to show ‘em a little love by helping to send The Bros. to the Austin City Limits Music Festive. They’re in an on-line battle of the bands called The Sound and the Jury (ha, Faulkner allusion that) and they need our votes to advance to round 2 next month (they should call round 2 “Fight in August”) so follow this link if you will and cast your vote. Gwon tells me we’re allowed to vote once a day so I guess the old cliché really applies this time – vote early and often.

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Gwon said...

Ugh. We need some real pictures.