Monday, June 26, 2006

Central Services @ Chop Suey

I recently got a sneak peek into the new Central Services record (full disclosure: I was auditioning to be their new bassist, a gig which I did not get -- but hold no ill will... lol), and I've gotta say, they've taken a huge step forward. You, too, can get a sneak peek of these new recordings by heading to their myspace page and listening to the track titled "Tear Me Down." They're still sensitive in their approach. But, there's more rocking going on. Really good stuff.

You can also get a sneak peek, I'd imagine, by catching them on Tuesday, June 27 at Chop Suey with fellow indie-popsters Model Photographer, the more experimental The Epochs and a band I know nothing about called Never An Anything. Doors at 9pm.

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