Monday, June 26, 2006

Song of the weekend

Since I spend way too much time on myspace on the weekends, each week I'm going to post a "song of the weekend," which will pretty much be whatever tune jumps out at me as particularly memorable. I'll feature it on the Seattle Powerpop myspace page for a few days, too.

For the weekend of June 24, it was a demo version of "Modern Communication" by The Pranks that stuck out for me.

The tune starts off with a very "Cheap Trick at Budokon" drum fill opening (although I'm pretty sure it's a drum machine throughout the demo -- correct me if I'm wrong on this one, fellas), and quickly heads into a new-wavey melodic bounce that's catchy as hell and overcomes the rough demo production limitations with sheer joy. That's a summertime hit right there, kids. I can't wait to hear the full recording (which is, according to their myspace page, in production as I type).

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