Monday, July 03, 2006

Song of the weekend (July 1)

I wasn't on myspace quite as much during weekend of July 1 due to some long-overdue spring cleaning... Good times.

But, for the few hours I was online on Sunday, I'm going to give "song of the weekend" honors to The Small Change and their track "Too Busy Lovin' You." The tune's got a garage rock stomp driving it's powerpop heart. I've never caught these guys live. But, what comes to mind when listening to this track is rock-n-roll circa 1960s British Invasion. It's a little ragged (in a good way), but tight and focused.

These guys have an August 3 date lined up at the Croc and are in the bill for the International Pop Overthrow later that same month. I won't be deprived any longer.

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