Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Reality show??

If you're thinking to yourself, "I sure wish there was a way for me to see some bands AND have the possibility to be on television," then you're in luck. Seattle's Mon Frere can provide just such an opportunity. Here's the word from their own mouths:

"of course you want to be on T.V. which is why you should come down to the chop suey wednesday, july 5th. (21+) we will be part of a indie music showcase reality t.v thing. or something like that. its all a bit shady. all i know for sure is that it's a 6 dollar show with us and three other rad seattle bands. worth it? fuck yeah brothers.

also, you're probably more likely to get on t.v if you're doing one of the following.

1) flashing
2) drunken, disorderly dancing
3) fighting
4) flashing
5) violently singing along to every song off a particular album you undoubtedly have and love. yeah. Ours.

yes. we're encouraging it.
rock on our adorable friends.
love, nouela"

According to the Chop Suey calendar, the line up is:

THE INDIE SHOW featuring Raz Rez, Mon Frere, Euphoriette, Magneto

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