Tuesday, July 04, 2006

An unexpected success? The Young Sportsmen profile

The Young Sportsmen get good reviews. Don't believe me? Let's check the stats:

"...truly exceptional..." -- Three Imaginary Girls
"...going to be a highlight of the Seattle music scene in 2006." -- The Stranger
"...a rollicking, energetic pop-rock fiesta..." -- Randomville Magazie

But, such a solid set of reviews was unexpected, at least according to guitarist Ryan Maxwell. "Some music writers can be nasty, especially to pop bands, so I guess the positive reviews were, in themselves, somewhat unexpected."

I think he's just being modest, because if you've had an opportunity to see or hear the Young Sportsmen, you can understand exactly why they're getting such praise. If you haven't had such an opportunity, then stop reading this blog right now and go to their myspace page.

You can hear strains of Cheap Trick, Superdrag, and The Knack -- but all still with a unique voice as a band. The word that comes to mind for me is "classic." In my own mythical world where dudes with guitars writing catchy songs regularly have hit records, these guys would have solid careers. Back in the real world, I like to think that The Young Sportsmen are going to lead a new wave of powerpop out of the Northwest.

Whether or not that happens, Ryan likes what's currently coming from the scene, citing bands like, Ghost Stories, The Riffbrokers and Dept. of Energy as among his favorites. But, he also likes the diversity in Seattle.

"Bands like Siren's Sister, who have a real dramatic, almost theatrical sound can co-exist with Math and Physics Club, who are quiet and soft and subtle. These bands playing very different styles of pop can both do well for themselves. I didn't get that at first, but I think it's a really cool thing and says a lot about the sophistication of Seattle's music scene - both the musicans and their fans."

The fellas are currently recording their full length record at Fastback Studios and are pushing for a spring 2007 release. Until then, catch them around town, including a July 28 date at Sunset Tavern and again in late August at the International Pop Overthrow.

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