Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Daylight Basement situation

I had heard rumblings about Daylight Basement and their existence as a band. Well, Bre just posted the following bulletin & blog via myspace, titled "No- DB has not and cannot break up," that gives some context and explanation.

I suppose what we can take away from this is that as long as Bre chooses to perform under the name Daylight Basement, then the group cannot break up. But, I suppose what we can also take away from this is that Daylight Basement is more of a name under which Bre performs than a "band," per se. Nothing wrong with that. Just a different context.

Thus, I suppose the rumors of their demise were based in people (myself included) assuming that the recent band-like incarnation of Daylight Basement was a permanent set up -- at least as "permanent" as any band line up is. Anyway, here's the message from Bre.

Somebody said that they heard from somewhere that the band broke up.

Let me quote Joey Veneziani and Dejha C on more occasions that can be counted,

"Daylight Basement is not a band".

Davis would disagree.

People quickly forget that DB was me, my guitar, and my computer. For the CD release, I got the priveledge to play with good friends and musicians.

I will never forget the early shows, when people would rush up and ask "who did that?- The programming? The other instruiments."

Let me see- On stage there was: 1) Me, 2) Guitar and amp, 3) Computer.

Men in the electronic community did not receive the same questions.

And not that it matters.

What does matter is this:

Daylight Basement was my moniker for writing elecro-pop.

I would like to thank the talented instrumentalists that gave everything they could at the time.

I will be writing another album under that moniker in 2007. Many songs are already drafted.

In the mean time- I just feel like playing with the acoustic.

It's what I feel right now.

No beats. No synth. Nothing to hide behind. Just the words and the song.


I am Daylight Basement.
I'm also Bre Loughlin.

Nurse, auntie, moodie lady who's in love with the world.

See you Thursday at Nectar, or on Oct 13 at the Croc...

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