Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Radio 8 Ball

So, I just saw a myspace bulletin from Central Services that reminded me that I was going to blog about Radio 8 Ball. I give props to Andras (who is also part of the My Brave Face project that focuses on music from Paul McCartney and Elvis Costello) and Tammy for this idea. If you guys created this, then, bravo! It's very cool idea and a fun listen.

Radio 8 Ball is broadcast on KAOS radio out of Olympia, and it's streamable online.

Here's the gist of things:

You call in and ask a question. Then they play a song at random (literally CD & track number chosen at random via CD shuffle) and use the content of that song to divine an answer to your question. If you go to their myspace page, there is a description/interview from NPR's All Things Considered that gives a great overview.

Central Services is performing live on the program tonight from 7pm until 8pm. From their myspage page, this is how they work it with live bands -- "When we have a live guest we answer the questions by picking songs at random off a numbered sheet of 8 songs that the songwriter provides and performs live as the answer to the question."

There is also an online version of Radio 8 Ball.

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