Saturday, November 04, 2006

SPB show photos

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Cafe Venus and Mars Bar last night for the first SPB powerpop night. It was a great night of music with a great turnout (I counted about 75 in the room at 10pm). I look forward to the next one (probably January, and I've already go the line up set. It's going to rock!!).

Here are some photos and comments:

Friday Mile (okay, technically just Jace and Hannah) started out the night strong with gorgeous songs and lush harmonies.

Friday Mile

Shake Some Action played next. I'm in this band, so I'll keep the comments to a minimum. But, I think things went quite well, given how little prep we had before the show. I'm a fan of James' songs and tickled to be part of the new band.

Shake Some Action

Shake Some Action (that's me)

Closing out the night was Central Services. I really like their indiepop/powerpop tightrope act. It's catchy and melodic, sometimes rocking, sometimes sensitive and introspective, always interesting. I was happy to have them headline the first SPB night.

Central Services

Central Services

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