Saturday, November 04, 2006

VERA Project show tonight

Although I find the venue to be somewhat uncomfortable, I recommend you head down the Seattle YMCA's "Fusion Cafe" to catch The Lashes (first Seattle show in quite some time), Speaker Speaker, No-Fi Soul Rebellion and The Neons. This is a VERA project show.

You're no doubt familiar with The Lashes, and probably Speaker Speaker and No-Fi Soul Rebellion, as well. However, you might be less famliar with The Neons, whose song "Oh So Wrong" on their myspace page rocks my world.

The Neons

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Stef said...

i really wanted to go to this, but i was up north working at MT. BAKER of all places. love no-fi (such a great live act) and speaker speaker... the lashes are great... and good call on the neons, btw. it's like... tangy pop-rock. (music sounds so much cooler when described as a taste... haha!) i'm sorry i missed out.