Thursday, December 14, 2006

A fruitless exercise in list making

As all publications, big and small, do their 2006 lists and wrap ups, I'm prompted to think about what an appropriate equivalent would be here on the blog. In fact, this blog is only a half a year old. The first post was on June 22, 2006 at precisely 2:08 pm.

Therefore, it feels a little weird trying to do any kind of typical year-in-review. I decided instead to do a list of another sort -- namely, a list of Seattle powerpop bands. If this blog has done nothing else for me, it's made me even more cognizant of how many great bands are in the area.

The question, as always with a list of this nature, is how do you define who goes on it.. At the heart of that question is determining the definition of "powerpop," and since I've always avoided doing that for the blog, I'm hesitant to start now. This list, and certainly the blog as a whole, gets fuzzy around the edges.

The following randomly-ordered list represents currently functioning bands (for the most part...) in the gretaer Seattle area that I think fit pretty neatly into the powerpop genre. Of course, I have and will continue to talk about bands outside of this list.

I'm confident there are bands missing from the list that should be included. There there were a number of bands that I felt were "on the fence" of fitting my vaguely-defined parameters. Ultimately, some went in (Dept. of Energy) and others didn't (Speaker Speaker). I'd love to argue about the list, so feel free add anyone I missed via the comments link below and give me the "what for" for leaving them off.

With all those disclaimers, hold on to your hat....

The Posies
The Long Winters
The Doll Test
Model Photographer
The Lashes
The Neons
Young Sportsmen
Ghosts & Liars
Tiny Volcano
Brides of Obscurity
The Pranks
99 Men
Dept. of Energy
The Pop Machine
The Action Suits
Henry Boy
The Tripwires
Andy Werth
The Scheme
The Small Change
Boss Martians
The Capillaries
Shake Some Action
Sgt. Major
The Universe
The Pale Pacific
New West Motels
Slender Means
The Riffbrokers
Don't Tell Sophie
The Reluctants
Central Services
Young Fresh Fellows
Jim McIver
The Color Bars
The Lund Bros.
Once For Kicks
The Sterling Loons


andrew said...

Pris (

Seattle-Powerpop said...

Yes!! Thanks for the reminder. I love their "Doobie Down Down" song on myspace. Most excellent! I've added them to the main list.


Anonymous said...

patience please?

Seattle-Powerpop said...

I guess I wouldn't consider patience please powerpop, per se. They crossed my mind, but I do think of them more in an "indie pop" realm than powerpop. Debatable, I suppose.