Monday, December 18, 2006

Powerpop xmas gifts

Find yourself wondering what to buy the powerpop fan in your household this Christmas? Here are some ideas.... and if my wife is paying attention, all the better. ;)

Not Lame is running a 12 days of xmas special that is kind of interesting.

The folks at Bomp always have some cool choices, too.

The classic Who bullseye design is always a good choice:

Sometimes the gift of Badfinger is good enough:

Eastwood guitars are all the rage with folks like Matthew Sweet, The Raconteurs, Buzzcocks and The English Beat. I already own one, but really can one ever have too many guitars?

Of course, on the local front, you can never go wrong buying releases from the likes of The Doll Test, Young Sportsmen, Shake Some Action, Sgt. Major, The Long Winters or any of the other nearly 50 Seattle powerpop groups.

I'll keep adding to this post as other things pop into my head.


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