Monday, February 19, 2007

Central Services' recordings for kids

I've always liked the guys in Central Services. They're like regular ol' dudes who happen to play great music. But, as much as I've liked them in the past, they just jumped up another notch in my eyes by putting together a set of songs for kids via a new myspace page that they have called Central Services Division of Educational Outreach. No doubt this is what happens with rock dudes have children... but perhaps while still a little high.

It's all quite silly and cool.

Their blog post about it says:

These songs probe the depths of loneliness in the common tomato, explain how fun the coming ice age will be, point out the deplorable treatment of your elbow, and highlight the usefulness of commas, and of course, the danger of their overuse.


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Anonymous said...

They did all four of those songs at last Saturday's Town Hall kids show. The show was really well done, even fun for the old folks.