Thursday, February 15, 2007

Red Sky v. New West Motels

As previously reported New West Motels annouced a name change at the Global Cooling Benefit. But, rumor mill has it that such a name change has been put on hold because all of a sudden they find themselves fielding phone calls from record industry types who have taken a shine to the new recordings over at their myspace page (listen to "Dandelions").

Personally, I always loved the name New West Motels. So, this does not break my heart at all. What does break my heart is a diggety-damn awesome show is taking place a few weeks from now... on a Wednesday. Don't clubs realize I've got an early alarm clock for work? :)

Such is the way of the world. But, this is a line up that will be worth missing a few hours of sleep. It's at the Croc on February 28 and features:

[edited to remove one of the bands, who, for weird legal reasons with former management, asked me not to mention them at this point... but they rock]
New West Motels
The Brides of Obscurity
Driving the Eights

Rock! Mark your calendar now.

Rob from New West Motels

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