Monday, May 14, 2007

Myspace surprise: Electric Tape

Occasionally I get a myspace friend request from a Seattle band that I have never heard before, but really like what I find on their page. I've had this happen on a few other occasions -- with The Universe and The Knast specifically. And I like to think of these moments as a "myspace surprise."

Well, I got my latest "myspace surprise" over the weekend via a band called Electric Tape. There's only one tune on their myspace page, a track called "Wake Me." But, I really dig it.

They list the following bands as influences: The Police, The Rentals, Elvis Costello, Mates Of State, Death Cab For Cutie, Stars, Weezer

That's a mix of bands that would keep me happy for days. On this first recording, they seem to fall closer to the indiepop side of the world than the powerpop side. But, who cares. Good pop music gets its hooks in me, and this is good pop music. Their site says they're planning shows for the summer and releasing an EP next month. So, I'll look forward to hearing more from them soon.

Electric Tape

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