Monday, May 14, 2007

Radio 8 Ball gets ripped off?

Hat tip to Three Imaginary Girls for this one

I've written about Radio 8 Ball a number of times here on the blog. If you're not familiar with the concept, you can see their myspace page. But, if you are familiar with the radio program, then you probably also know that there is a "live show" version called The Ego and the Oracle.

Well, now it turns appears that Andras, who started the Radio 8 Ball show, has been fired from involvement with the live show and they're moving forward without him. Here's some text from a myspace page titled "The Ego Stole The Oracle:"

How The Ego stole The Oracle. On Valentine's Day 2006 a Boston band called Jim's Big Ego appeared on Radio8Ball, a call-in divination show created and hosted by Andras Jones. Radio8Ball has been on the air since 1998. Jim's Big Ego are an indie rock band with a reputation for conscience and integrity. Jim's Big Ego liked the Radio8Ball experience so much that they asked Andras Jones to collaborate with them on a stage production based on his show. Together they created a stage show called The Ego & The Oracle. This show was performed in Somerville, Massachusetts in late September of 2006 and was followed by a successful Seattle production in early April of 2007. When it came time to mount the second Boston production creative differences arose between Andras and the band's manager (who had taken on the role of the Boston producer.) The result of these creative differences was that Andras was fired from the production and his name and involvement in the creation of the show were removed from the all promotional materials for the show. Jim's Big Ego moved forward as if the idea for the show was entirely theirs and refused to compensate, credit or even communicate with the person whose format they were brazenly claiming as their own. Although The Ego & The Oracle continues to run it does so without Andras Jones's consent. People who wish to experience Radio8Ball can tune into the show Tuesdays from 6 to 8pm (Pacific Standard Time) at


Anonymous said...

The current Boston run includes "Inspired by Radio 8 Ball by Andras Jones" on the cover of each program, so the attribution remains. (Taken from my own attendance at the show on Sunday.)

Whatever creative differences they had, just want to correct any sense of ill will in the promotions.

Anonymous said...

The show wasn't "inspired by Radio8Ball". It is Radio8Ball with Jim's Big Ego's music. The "inspired by" credit is misleading and insulting to the show's creator, since The Ego & The Oracle was a collaboration between Andras Jones and Jim's Big Ego.