Saturday, May 05, 2007

Photos: Tripwires, Sgt. Major & The Riffbrokers

I headed out to the Comet last night to take in the Tripwires, Sgt. Major, The Riffbrokers and Llama. It was a solid night of music and well attended. An interesting thing happened that I've never seen at the Comet before. As soon as the Tripwires kicked off their set, everyone crowded over to the band side of the room and got right up close to the stage area, leaving the bar side considerably less crowded.

I applaud everyone for doing that. It totally changes the vibe of a rock show to have people crowded around the stage, enjoying the band. Once the Tripwires ended their set, people dispersed to the bar side and to outside the club. So, I was wondering what would happen with Sgt. Major took the stage. Turns out, same thing! Everyone came back over and stood close to the band (thereby allowing Kurt Bloch to better behave like the rock and roll giant that he is -- running into the crowd, leaning on audience members, and pogo-ing like a mad man).

Anyhoo, as per usual, the lighting at the Comet leaves the photos less than ideal. But, here are the snapshots as they are:

The Tripwires, with audience

Sgt. Major - Kurt Bloch

Sgt. Major - Carmella

After Sgt. Major's set, but before The Riffbrokers took the stage, Heather Riffbroker brought a box of cupcakes out and put them on the merch table. It turns out that this coming Tuesday is her birthday. So, happy early birthday, Heather!

Here's a shot of the box of cupcakes... just because.

The Riffbrokers - birthday girl, Heather

The Riffbrokers - Nick's guitar

Unfortunately, I didn't get to hang around to see Llama. My energy meter hit empty, and I packed it in around 12:20am.

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