Friday, May 04, 2007

Review: The Heaters "Live & Live Again"

I got my greedy little hands on a copy of the double live album by the classic Seattle powerpop group The Heaters. I've written about the Heaters (also known as The Heats due to a lawsuit) on a number of occasions here, and did an interview with Steve Pearson not too long ago that was chock full of info. But, until this disc arrive, I didn't own any of their stuff.

The Heats/The Heaters were primarily active in the late 1970s and early 1980s and had tremendous regional success. They toured with Heart and The Knack and generally rocked the house around Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. You can still get their studio recordings from that era via Chuckie Boy Records.

But, these two live disc gives you two separate glimpses into the band. The first contains about 70 minutes of music recorded between 1978 and 1981 in three different states (Washington, Oregon and Idaho). The second disc gives you around 75 minutes of music and was recorded at a 2001 reunion show at Waldo's in Kirkland. The disc set is available from Epilogue Records/the Lien Company for $20, which includes postage. You can find out where to send your dough on their website.

Both discs are ragged, sweaty, out-of-tune-in-the-right-way examples of their catchy, foot stompin' powerpop in a live setting. With The Heaters you get amped up songs about girls and parties, sung with harmonies and fervor. Stand outs from disc one ("Live") are "She Don't Mind" and "She Belongs To Me" (which you can also hear on their myspace page). But, you also get "bonus" tracks that are covers of The Kinks, The Who, The Yardbirds and more. The second disc ("Live Again") includes a number of the same songs from disc one along with a handful of additional tracks.

The Heaters rocked hard back in the day, and this disc gives those of us who were not around, not old enough, or not hip enough to have experienced it at the time a way to get a taste.

Blogger's update: I meant to mention that you can also get the disc in local stores and at Here's the album cover art:

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