Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Review: The Femurs' "Modern Mexico"

[blogger's note: I had a wonderfully-composed review of this record completely done and ready to post and Blogger hosed it. What follows is my attempt to recreate that review while simultaneously punching my computer]

I love coming home to find a package in the mail containing a shiny new CD. Today's package transported the new disc by The Femurs to me. It's titled Modern Mexico, and it's quite excellent.

What you get on this disc is a collection of 12 songs (six new and six from the Jack Cafferty Vs. Chuck Scarborough EP) played on acoustic guitar and drums. So, what does it sound like? Take a bit of the Ramones, a bit of the Violent Femmes, a bit of Weezer, and a touch of the lyrical goofiness of some of today's pop-punk bands and you're somewhere in the ballpark of their style.

They call what they do "folk punk," and if you're a genre purist, I'm not sure that really fits. I don't know that there's really anything "folk" about them, other than the presence of the acoustic guitar, and it seems like they're way too likable to be "punk" in the way I think of that term. That said, they do share some traits of punk rocks bands in that they write speedy songs that have been stripped of excess (although there is something approaching a drum solo on track 5). Of course, I've never been a genre purist, so I don't really care where they fit.

While it may be hard to fit neatly into a genre, the disc is unmistakably great summertime record that is toe-tappingly fun. Even my wife, who isn't really a music fan, yelled "that's catchy" to me half way through the first track during my first listen. If you don't have this one blasting at your Fourth of July party, then you're missing out on a good vibe setter. Just add this album to some burgers, some libations and someone almost getting a finger blown off with an m-80 and you've got the perfect party.

I'm pleased as punch to have The Femurs slated for Powerpop Night in early August. So, stay tuned for more details on that in July.

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