Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hypothesis about Rob Femur

As part of my day-job duties, I was giving a presentation today at Seattle Central Community College. While I was waiting for students to arrive and my presentation to begin, I was thumbing through their printed list of course offerings, and I came across one particular class of note:

4 sessions, starts Oct 4(6651). Explore the history of Punk Rock. Learn about the different movements within Punk, such as geographical and political discussions of the evolution from a cult movement to the mainstream force it is today.
Item: 6651 BE 1108 Th 6:00P-8:00P Femur

Although you can't really tell from my cut-and-paste work here, the last word in the description is the name of the instructor. So, I'm operating on the hypothesis that Mr. Rob Femur, of 107.7 The End [Gabba Gabba Hey show] and The Femurs fame, is the instructor for this class.

In fact, I just confirmed that hypothesis by cruising over to his personal myspace page and saw that, indeed, he teaches that class. Good on him! I always think it's cool to find folks doing things like this.

Oh, and while I'm vaguely on the subject, Rob's group The Femurs will be on the next Powerpop Night bill, which is happening in about week -- August 4 -- at the Mars Bar. So, put that on your radar now!

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