Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Review: The Greatest Hits "For a Good Time Call..."

The Greatest Hits sent me a copy of their latest record, titled "For a Good Time Call..." I was happy to get my hands on it before their show tomorrow night at The Crocodile so I could give y'all a heads up.

The Greatest Hits are down and dirty, somewhat sleazy, spiked hair, leather-jacket-and-whiskey, powerpopping rock band that channels Sweet and Slade and the New York Dolls and Hanoi Rocks and a touch of the Ramones. There's nothing particularly groundbreaking here, and if you care deeply about things like perfect pitch and being completely in tune at all times, this ain't necessarily that. But, it's good rock and roll that makes for great Saturday night party music.

Songs like "Fatal Reaction" make me wish I was still 17 years old, cruising in some kind of convertible -- probably a '65 T-bird or a 1980s Camaro -- on a balmy summer night, trying to pick up chicks. I was never that cool in real life. But, The Greatest Hits makes me feel like if I were 20 years younger that I could pull it off.

The show at the Crocodile (Thursday, July 26) also has The Knast and The Kings English on the bill. So, there's enough good rock there to make a strong show. This show is also the homecoming for The Greatest Hits, back from a grueling tour that came to a conclusion with a bang -- almost literally. Here's the scoop, straight from their myspace blog post:

We finished playing to a rad AUDIENCE in Harrisburg, PA at SMALLS with a great show put on by JOSH. Us and FISHNET STALKERS last show of tour together.

Things don't make sense when they go sour after a good time like that.

But there are 5 pussy ass wannabe gangstas in Harrisburg, PA who think that bitchslapping our band members with their guns makes them hard.

Well, it sent Ryan (Whiskey Ginger) and Roman to the hospital with concussions. Ryan had to have his head stapled and they both have head bandages. And there ain't no way to fix it. BUT THEY ARE ALIVE!!! Thank god! I will kill anyone who touches my band or die for them but this all happened and we didn't know and it was right outside! FUCK THAT!!!

DOn't these assholes have anything better to do than attack hard working traveling band troopers like THE GREATEST HITS?! They got $63 total in cash and Romans Green Card! Alot good that will do them.

So, go show these guys some love. Buy a record and a t-shirt, sweat and drink some beer. If you've got a bandanna lying around, tie it on yourself somewhere and head out to the Croc.

Photo from The Greatist Hits myspace page, credit Canderson

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