Thursday, August 30, 2007

Going to Bumbershoot?

I'm curious how many SPB readers are going to Bumbershoot. If you're planning on going, what bands are you excited to see?


Anonymous said...

Looks like the Sound Transit Stage - Broad Street has most of the shows I want to see. I'm especially looking forward to seeing Apples in Stereo and Art Brut on Sunday. I can’t make the other days so I’m going to regret missing Shake Some Action!, Roky Erickson, Steve Earle and Ted Leo. Don’t waste your time on any of the shows in Memorial Stadium – the sound is just awful.

Johnny Koch said...

I made a list on my blog of all the shows I'd like to see, but I definitely want to see Magnolia Electric Co., Apples In Stereo and Art Brut. Even though I won't make it to any of them.

Anonymous said...

sunday afternoon:
black rebel motocycle club
kings of leon
ice age cobra

Anonymous said...

Wow dude, I've been reading your blog through RSS, haven't seen the new redesign! Sweetness!

I saw the Shins on Friday, that was fun, and I LOVED the Lashes -- I was actually on my way to see Central Services but I was late, and I heard some awesome music coming from the Sound Transit stage and had to stop and watch the rest of The Lashes' set.

I had to miss Art Brut, totally bummed, I heard them while I was outside transferring to a bus home, taking care of business.

Today I'm excited to see The Blakes, Shake Some Action!, Viva Voce, and Mocean Worker. Maybe some Tokyo Police Club as well. But only after checking out the Can Can Carnival!