Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Iconics... how did I miss this?

How on earth did I miss this!! Holy crap! A local all-star tribute apparently just took place like two weeks ago. There was a piece in the Seattle PI about it, but I didn't see it until now.

From that article:

When Seattle all-star band the Iconics takes the stage for tonight's Pike Place Market Centennial Days concert, they'll be performing "the songs that made Seattle great," says band member Dave Dederer.

The band was made up of Dave Dederer and Andrew McKeag (PUSA), Mike Musburger (Posies, Fastbacks, Sgt Major and others), Jeff Fielder (Sera Cahoone) and Ty Bailie (Dept of Energy), and they were joined by random people throughout the set.

Here's some footage of them doing "The Witch" by the Sonics.

And here's their version of The Heat(er)s, "I don't like your face:"

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andrew said...

for my money, the most entertaining song of the night was the Acres of Clams song, made popular by Ivar, sung by John Roderick: