Monday, August 27, 2007

IPO: On deck for day 4

Tonight is the last night of the International Pop Overthrow festival at the Sunset Tavern. Here's the schedule for the evening. There may or may not be another band on the bill, as there was originally someone slated for the 7:30pm slot who dropped out. If I learn of an addition, I'll post later.

I'm going to be out shooting photos, but since it's a work night, I'm probably not going to survive to the end. So, apologies in advance to those whose sets I miss.

8:00 Blackout 101
8:30 The Cheats
9:00 Lund Brothers
9:30 The Green Pajamas
10:00 Jimm McIver
10:30 Gary Reynolds and The Brides Of Obscurity
11:00 Ionesco

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