Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Lashes confirmed on Bumbershoot schedule

[blogger update: I changed the blog title to better represent the situation. They've been on the Bumbershoot schedule. I just wasn't sure they were *still* on the schedule, due to Eric's medical situation]

Hat tip to The Stranger's Lineout blog for this:

The Lashes are playing Bumbershoot next weekend, it will be the band’s first show since guitarist Eric Howk was hospitalized and left paralyzed from the sternum down after a tragic accident in May.

Howk will apprently be part of the line up at Bumbershoot.

I know this ain't Eric. It's just a Lashes photo that I like.


Anonymous said...

BTW: that ain't Eric in that photo. It appears to be Scotty.

Anonymous said...

the lashes have been on the schedule for a long time.

Seattle Powerpop said...

Yeah, I knew it wasn't Eric. I just grabbed a random Lashes photo for the post.

But, I suppose it does seem a bit misleading, since I mention Eric last in the post.