Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tullycraft Interview

Just as Gary is leaving, Josh Kerns is joining the Seattle Powerpop Blog team. It’s going to take a least two of us to fill Gary’s shoes. Here’s a great email interview Josh did with the band Tullycraft. You can catch them tomorrow night at their Easy Street Records (Queen Anne) in-store performance.

Q: What's been happening with Tullycraft since you released Every Scene?

Chris: Infighting and snippy comments.

Jenny: Shut up, Chris!

Cori: What the fuck, Jenny?

Sean: You guys suck.

Q: Are you happy with Every Scene? Can you tell me a little about your approach to Every Scene compared with Disenchanted Hearts and previous Tullycraft records? It seems to me that you really tried to make a much fuller, bigger sounding record (Jenny's vocals seem a lot more up front, and there's a lot more screaming guitar from Corianton, not to mention all the layers, different instruments you've added etc.)

Chris: I think it may seem a bit bigger because some songs slow down and open up more than some previous material. We primarily self record and have gotten a better at our studio techniques over the years. We did have some piano and violin in there, trumpet too, so there is more sound happening. I don't think we tried to make it bigger, but instead of building songs around casio keys we used a real piano.

Jenny: the real change for me was that, for the most part, I came up with my own vocal parts, whereas in the last two albums, I was brought in on the recording process towards the end, when they already had an idea of what vocals they wanted. I really enjoyed the process, though I felt the pressure, and the occasional writer's block, that comes with writing your own parts.

Cori: Yeah, we had some great players sit in too, Evan Mosher from the band Awesome, and Saundrah Humphrey from the Math & Physics club. They helped us broaden the sound and elevate some of those cheeky quasi-epic opera moments.

Q: After all these years, are you still having fun? It seems like you guys really have a good time

Chris: I already mentioned the infighting right? No, it's fun, bands are fun, or at least should be, I know we're pretty lucky to have one that actually is.

Jenny: I have a great time with the boys. Except Chris. Who I wish would shut up already!

Sean: As Paul McCartney famously once said, "I'd rather have a band than a Rolls Royce." Being in a band that is fun and something you consider at least semi-good is hard to come by. I think we're really lucky to have each other.

Q: What's the deal with all the vampire imagery? Was your heart broken by a young goth or punk at an early age?

Cori: Sean was traumatized by an elementary zoo trip into the nocturnal exhibit.

Sean: We're trying to start a new sub-genre called: Bubblegum Goth

Q: Do you guys harbor any secret dreams of rock stardom, or are you happy with the musical niche you guys have carved out?

Chris: Alas, rock stardom isn't in the cards for Tullycraft, but it's great to see a growing audience for our odd brand of music.

Jenny: I wouldn't want rock stardom. I really love being able to talk to the superfans that come up to us after shows. I think it's cool to mean a lot to a smaller amount of people, if that makes sense.

Cori: I secretly desire spandex and spiked bracelets.

Sean: If we ever had a hit single we'd only be popular in the mainstream for about six weeks and a lot of our old fans would probably end up hating us. It doesn't really seem worth it. There are countless "Flag Pole Sitta" bands in the world. I like to think we're part of something different.

Q: What's next for Tullycraft? Any touring, new recording or side projects for any of you?

Chris: We'll be playing shows in NYC and the East Coast this spring. We had thoughts of touring Europe, but my wife and I are pregnant with our second child this summer, so it wasn't great timing.

Cori: Babies ruin everything.

Sean: As Chris said... East Coast dates in June.

Q: Is there any significance to Friday's show, or just an opportunity to play?

Cori: Easy Street is a local institution, we're proud to do an in-store with them.

Chris: Just a local show, getting the rock (??) out to the good people of our town.

Jenny: Do you ever stop talking?

Sean: I've always wanted to play an in-store at Easy Street Records.

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