Friday, June 22, 2007

Revisiting the "Mission Statement"

The one-year anniversary show for the Seattle Powerpop Blog is one week from tonight! The show is Friday, June 29 at the Sunset Tavern. But, while the anniversary show is next week, it was actually one year ago TODAY that I made the first post to the blog in the form of a "mission statement."

In that post I wrote, "Why a Seattle powerpop blog? I suppose the short answer is, 'why not.' The slightly longer answer is because there doesn't seem to be such a thing already. While there are a number of great print and web publications in Seattle, none focus on powerpop. So, perhaps there is room for a blog on the subject."

Now a year later, I still think that's true. I like to think that SPB is filling a niche in the coverage of music in this town. There are obviously a ton of great publications, both online and in print. But, given that there are an even greater number of bands, I still see the relevance of something like this blog giving attention specifically to this style.

I hope those of you who read the blog feel that way, as well. I still have no idea who reads this thing. But, for the nearly 600 of you who look each week, THANKS!

And I'd like to raise a metaphorical glass to the great bands in this genre for giving me something cool to write about and listen to.


Gwon said...

Happy Birthday SPB! Keep up the good work Gary. Hope to see you tonight.

Seattle-Powerpop said...

Thanks, Gwon!