Friday, October 12, 2007

Young Sportsmen tonight @ the Tractor

Just a heads up that the Young Sportsmen are playing at the Tractor tonight (Friday, October 12) with Dept of Energy and a couple of other bands.

I say without hyperbole that they are one of the best powerpop acts in America right now. The overwhelming majority of Seattle (and the rest of the country for that matter) just doesn't know it yet. But, trust me, they are.

Don't believe me? Here's your homework: Go to the show tonight. Then buy their CD. What's that? You're too broke? Then download the four songs they have available for download on their myspace page. Now, listen to each one twice this weekend. If you can come back here next Friday and tell me that those songs were not stuck in your head for the entire work week, I'll eat my hat.

And I HATE eating hats. :)

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