Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Band links for EC cover night

The Elvis Costello Cover Night really is a great line up. Here are links to some of my favorite bands on the bill. I don't know what order they're taking stage. So, this list is random and includes a few thoughts or comments from me.

Young Sportsmen - Among the most "powerful" powerpop bands in Seattle. Great hooks and lots of rock.

Cantona - Melodic and engaging, if somewhat inconsistent (but only when their bass player doesnt show up!..:)

Central Services - More "pop" than "power" usually, but creative and engaging to watch.

The Capillaries - Difficult for me to pin down. Definately powerpop, but somehow quirky and angular, too. Their page has newly uploaded songs, including one called "Atlanta" that is truly great.

The Sea Navy - Very "welcoming" and downhome, but melodic and fun, too. I like them live more than on record.


Unknown said...

The band billed as "Central Services" tonight is actually three members of Central Services, along with a pop singer/songwriter Andrea Wittgens and her guitarist.

Seattle Powerpop said...

Thanks for the insight, Eric. That sounds like a cool combo.