Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Normally I keep the Blog strictly about the music. But, Halloween rules, and it brings out a little bit of insanity around my house. I've always loved this holiday for some reason, and in the past few years I've gotten quite manic about decorations. Here are a few samples.

Our pumpkins

Welcome to our yard

Spooky haunted pergola :)

Marcus the Carcus in his grave

Monday, October 30, 2006

What the heck is a "juggalo?"

You may or may not know if you're a juggalo. But, The Pranks know if you are, and if so, then you need not apply for their currently open drummer seat. I just stumbled across this listing on the Stranger's classified ads:

Seattle-area Garage/Power-Pop/Rock band w/ label support (indie USA & Europe) needs pro-level drummer for upcoming tours (U.S./Europe), recording. etc -- we're looking for a full-time member. Do you dig Kenny Jones, Moon, Chris Dangerous? We like Buzzcocks, The Jam, Hives, The Who, Mudhoney, Thin Lizzy, etc... Ages: 19-25. Must have gear, transport, hard-working attitude. Also, NEED TO LOOK like you belong in a ROCK band. NO JUGGALOS. Male/Female/Both we don't care -- must be able to tour and not cry about it. If you're interested contact THE PRANKS at : erikfoster@gmail.com, (425) 941-6476 or WWW.MYSPACE.COM/THEPRANKS

If you haven't heard The Pranks, then you're missing the boat. I am veeeeeeeeerrrrrrryyyyy much in anticipation of their upcoming release. Unfortunately, their myspace page is completely flaked out. They uploaded two rough mixes from the record, but darned if I can get them to play. Obviously someone can get them to play, because the "Modern Communication" track is up to 125 plays. I adored the demo version of this song (in fact, it was the first "song of the weekend" ever named on this blog!)

So, anyway, if your a drummer and your name isn't Chris Campbell (who drums in 2 bands with me and I don't want to lose him!), you should answer this ad. These guys rule.

--- added note --- I finally got the new rough mixes to play, and they sounds GREAT! Nicely done, fellas.

Shows for week of 10/30

As often is the case, lots of good music this week.

Of course, I'm most psyched for Friday, November 3, which is the date for the first ever "Seattle Powerpop Blog presents..." powerpop night. There's a cute little banner over there, up and to the right --------->

Other shows to consider:

Monday, 10/30 (tonight)
Ozma are at Chop Suey with The Pharmacy.

Tuesday, 10/31
There is a Devo tribute night at Chop Suey, which I'm thinking on Halloween could be a heck of a good time.

Wednesday, 11/1
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts are at the Paradox.

Thursday, 11/2
Jerry Joseph & The Jackmormons, The Doll Test and The Sterling Loons are at the Sunset Tavern.
The Heartaches and The Electric Kisses at the Funhouse

Friday, 11/3
As already mentioned, the first Seattle Powerpop Blog presents... night is happening at Mars Bar. The show features Central Services, Shake Some Action, and Friday Mile. This is the live performance debut for Shake Some Action, which features members (former and current) of The Jeunes, Daylight Basement, and The Scheme... including little ol' me. :)

Also happening Friday is the Young Sportsmen, Llama and Twink the Wonder Kid at The Funhouse. Bad timing, as I'd normally be all over this show!

Saturday, 11/4
The Lashes and Speaker Speaker are at the YMCA Fusion Cafe (VERA project gig).

Monday Morning mp3

It's not newly discovered or something that I think people haven't heard, because obviously it's pretty high profile. But, for some reason this weekend I was singing The Long Winter's "pushover" a lot in my head. So, for that reason alone, it's this week's Monday Morning mp3.

As we speak, these guys are touring Europe with Keane. Anyone have a sense of how well they're doing outside the Pacific Northwest? Their latest is a really solid outing. So, hopefully it's getting the attention it deserves.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Slender Means/MMTG photos

I took in the Slender Means/Martian Memo To God show down at the Croc tonight and snapped some photos. After leaving I realized I should've been snapping photos of everyone in their Halloween costumes. We had quite the diverse group of stars in attendance. I saw Michael Jackson, Pamela Anderson, someone who was either Sammy Davis Jr. or an African-American Elvis (couldn't quite tell which...), and then there was Slender Means...

... who were dressed as Buddy Holly, Slash, Rick James, Beethoven, and Ted Logan (Keanu Reeves' character from the Bill and Ted movie). Here are some shots of them:

Slender Means

Slender Means

Slender Means

(I've edited this to better expressed my feelings, because I learned the previous text offended someone whose feelings I care about)
Martian Memo To God was also on the bill. They were not dressed up for Halloween (meaning only the pictures are perhaps a little less interesting) and I don't have a ton to say about them, as the band really wasn't my cup of tea. They're good at rocking that 1980s influence, and they're a tight band. But, the vocals were less-than-ideal for my taste. But, all that aside, here are a few shots:

Martian Memo To God

Martian Memo To God

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Presidents of the USA live video

PUSA with "kick out the jams" (including a "shout" breakdown) live in Belfast. This is a study in rock musicians being able to get a crowd of people to do just about anything in a rediculous sing-along format.

By the way, checking out their clothes in this cut, I have to ask: Is "Banker Chic" in style now? If so, I can rock that shit. One of the oddities of being a mid-30s academic adviser is that no matter how tattered or indie-rock it is on other people, if I put on any kind of blazer or sport coat, I look like a banker.

This video was filmed by Stef Rider, who informs me,
"I'm a friend/fan of the band, and the opportunity to follow them around in Europe and film a mini live tour video came up in May... due to unforseen circumstances, the video isn't finished yet (although it should be up in about a month) but while everyone's been waiting on me I put up some live clips on YouTube from a few of the shows."

So, keep an eye out for that!

Friday, October 27, 2006

200th post!! The Capillaries tonight (10/27)

First, I've just realized this is the 200th post on the blog. I thought that was a significant enough milestone to warrant mentioning it. I hope everyone out there enjoys the efforts!

Now, onto the news at hand The Capillaries are playing at the Central Saloon in Pioneer Square tonight. They promise that you shouldn't be afraid of the venue:

If you've never been inside....don't let the word "saloon", nor the assortment of Harley's and tribal tatoos outside alarm you. We wouldn't play somewhere dangerous to your physical being....definitely not somewhere dangerous to OURS!?!?

This is also the debut of their new line up. So, throw 'em your support!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Speaker Speaker on 107.7 Sunday

Just got an email regarding Speaker Speaker appearing Sunday on The Young and The Restless show on 107.7 The End. Here's the email:

Just thought I'd let you know that Speaker Speaker is playing live on 107.7 The End's local music show, the Young and the Restless, this Sunday night. The show is 8-10pm, and the band should be on around 9. They'll be playing live versions of songs from their unreleased album, Call It Off, as well as chatting with host Chris Travis (and Stranger Interim Music Editor Megan Seling?). Maybe they'll take requests? Maybe they'll spin some songs from the album? You just don't know. You just. don't. know.

But it will be awesome! They are also promoting their upcoming show at the Vera Project/YMCA on Nov. 4th, with the Lashes, No-Fi Soul Rebellion, and the Neons! Feel free to share on your SP blog.

You can also listen live at www.1077theend.com, AND it will be archived on the site as well, at least for a week..

So, now you know!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Slender Means show correction

So, I just got word from Eric in Slender Means that the show this Saturday (10/28) actually is NOT their ep release party. An error in the Stranger listing got that word circulated incorrectly.

But, of course, it's still going to be a cool show. So, don't let the non-release status keep you from coming!

And, since I was party to the dissemination of incorrect information, let me make it up to you by sharing a blurry picture of my dog with his tongue hanging out. :)

Bingham the dog

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Slender Means ep release Saturday (10/28)

Although you'd never know it from their online presence, this Saturday (10/28) is the EP release show for Slender Means at the Crocodile. Their website sheepishly annouces the gig on their shows page. But, it makes no mention of the fact that it's their EP release, nor does their site or their myspace page make note of this fact.

But, modesty (or just bad marketing) on their part aside, I'm quite excited for this release. Neon and Ruin, their 2005 release was an excellent slice of powerpop, and I'm interested to see what they've put to tape for us on this EP.

Martian Memo to God opens the show, which costs $10. The doors open at 9pm. Be there!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Visqueen & Llama "secret shows"

I'm not sure exactly how secret they can be if we're able to read myspace bulletins about them. But, this just in from Visqueen:


A week from today Visqueen boards a plane bound for London to support Neko Case on a fall UK tour. Ben's language lessons are going great and he's got a real handle on "English" and “Irish”.

Starting tomorrow, Jules Maes in Seattle's beloved Georgetown neighborhood will secretly open it’s bar doors to host two nights of Visqueen warm up shows. Rusty Willoughby's master-threepiece LLAMA joins us on this very rare and special double-decker occasion.

Tuesday 10/24 & Wednesday 10/25
Jokes start at 9.


Monday Morning mp3

It's a little on the older side, since it was released in 2004. But, for some reasons I was humming it all weekend long. The Monday Morning mp3 for today is "All Your Kitchen Ghosts" by The Color Bars. This tune is a little more trippy/psych that the rest of the tunes on their first record. But, it still gets stuck in my head.

What the heck... let's make it a "two-fer" mp3 Monday. Here is the song "Eliza," also by The Color Bars, just to give you another feel from their record.

Word is they're recording as we speak. Their website says look for a "fall 2006" release.

The Color Bars' 2004 album cover art

Friday, October 20, 2006

Peter Parker, Racetrack, Pale Pacific photos

I just got in from the Peter Parker reunion/Racetrack farewell show down at the YMCA "Fusion Lounge." I arrived too late and missed the Patience Please show. Stupid I-5 traffic!!

But, I walked in the door as Peter Parker was beginning their first tune. For both Peter Parker and Racetrack I had horrible sight lines and zero ability to take good photos. I was mostly on a chair during the Peter Parker set.

They put on a really rockin' show that brought to mind any number of solid indierock acts -- "No Pocky For Kitty"-era Superchunk, Sebadoh, Pavement, Redd Kross, etc. Pretty tight and together for having not played a show in four years!

Peter Parker

I like the oddness of this shot. Lights from the stage and gray backdrop gives it a "green screen" quality.

Peter Parker

Up next was Racetrack, in what is their final Seattle performance. If you're a fan and want to roadtrip, they're playing in Bellingham tomorrow night for their actual last show ever. See their myspace page for info.

It's virtually impossible to take a non-blurry shot of their tasmanian devil bassist.


It's considerably easier to take a non-blurry photo of their rather stoic (in an endearing way) singer/guitarist -- who, by the way, has a tattoo of the state of Washington on her left arm.


Closing out the night was The Pale Pacific. While the rest of the crowd took a break from the stage area, I took the opportunity to find my way up to the front for some better photo ops. I sacrificed my left ear for the photos, since I was directly in front of the PA system.

I also got to watch the Pale Pacific set up their gear. They interact with one another like a band that is somewhat tired of each other's company. But, not in an annoying roommate kind of way... more like when you're on vacation with your family -- you don't love them any less, you're just ready to not be around them. I'm willing to believe it's just the semi-jaded look of a band that's set up for a ton of shows. But, they just looked tired and lifeless.

They did cause me to chuckle just before starting. The singer went to get some water bottles and the guitar player annouced that he was in the bathroom. When everyone laughed, he said something like "it's not funny, IBS [blogger note: that's Irritable Bowel Syndrome, in case you didn't know] is a serious ailment."

Anyway, once the set started, the "tired and lifeless" vibe went away, as they were strong, solid and poppy. I'm not sure what these guys are doing now or have been doing lately. It seemed like they were poised to really break out in '05. But, unless I've just missed it all, it seems like it's been quiet on The Pale Pacfic front lately [checking their website, they did some recording and touring earlier this year, but it seems less news from April foward].

The Pale Pacific

Stranger article on Peter Parker/Racetrack

The Stranger has an article up about the Peter Parker/Racetrack show (also playing are The Pale Pacific and Patience Please) that's happening tonight.

I'll be there snapping some photos for the blog. I can only hope to capture such aggro facial expressions as the one featured in the shot that's with the Stranger article. :)

Peter Parker

Jon Auer live at a church...

This just came through the Dear23 email list and I thought it was a very nice performance of the tune "Six Feet Under." I also appreciate the sheer "rock-n-roll" of the fact that Jon both flips the bird and perhaps says "motherf***er" in what appears to be a church. :)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Someone wrote me a song.....

So, you know how I've got this Snapvine deal on the Seattle Powerpop Blog myspace page? Well, someone named Captain Vintastic (who also goes by Vincent Gates) wrote a little Seattle Powerpop Blog tune and left it via snapvine for all to enjoy (just press the play button on the snapvine player -- it's message #3, which should play first).

Both the song on snapvine and the video below (which is most obviously not the same song as the one on the myspace page) are somewhat ludicrously amusing... The video is especially amusing for the choreography in dog costumes around the 2:40 mark.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Myspace bulletins: friend or foe?

So, as someone who scours the planet... er, the web... for Seattle/PacNW powerpop info, I find myself digging through myspace bulletins quite frequently. And, I have come to the realization that there are two kinds of bands in the world:

1. Ones that have great things to tell the world, but never post bulletins.

2. Ones that post bulletins every time their dog sneezes.... and then repost it two or three times each day to try to appeal to people who are online at different times.

I've got to admit, both groups frustrate me!!!! But, I suppose the second group frustrates me more, because it's often the case that bands in the first category don't post bulletins because they feel like they'll never actually be read due to the sheer volume in the world of myspace bulletins.

So, what's my point? I'm not sure I have one, other than my unwavering, militant demand that the bands who post 5, 10, or more bulletins a day STOP IT! :) And, a slightly friendlier request that those who don't post any, throw us all a bone every now and again. There really are people out here in the world wide web who want to read what you're up to!

Just don't tell me your dog sneezed...

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Radio 8 Ball

So, I just saw a myspace bulletin from Central Services that reminded me that I was going to blog about Radio 8 Ball. I give props to Andras (who is also part of the My Brave Face project that focuses on music from Paul McCartney and Elvis Costello) and Tammy for this idea. If you guys created this, then, bravo! It's very cool idea and a fun listen.

Radio 8 Ball is broadcast on KAOS radio out of Olympia, and it's streamable online.

Here's the gist of things:

You call in and ask a question. Then they play a song at random (literally CD & track number chosen at random via CD shuffle) and use the content of that song to divine an answer to your question. If you go to their myspace page, there is a description/interview from NPR's All Things Considered that gives a great overview.

Central Services is performing live on the program tonight from 7pm until 8pm. From their myspage page, this is how they work it with live bands -- "When we have a live guest we answer the questions by picking songs at random off a numbered sheet of 8 songs that the songwriter provides and performs live as the answer to the question."

There is also an online version of Radio 8 Ball.

Monday, October 16, 2006

TIG podcasts

If you haven't been keeping up with them, the folks over at Three Imaginary Girls have been doing some great podcasts lately. The most recent one features The Sea Navy, New West Motels, Siberian, The Pharmacy and more.

Head over and take a listen!

SPB Presents... a rock show!!

I'm super-duper pleased to annouce the line up of the very first "Seattle Powerpop Blog presents..." show. So, without further ado:

Friday, November 3 @ Cafe Venus & Mars Bar

Central Services
Shake Some Action!
Friday Mile

This is a great line up of music, and it also happens to be the public debut for Shake Some Action! I'll be blogging more about this over the coming weeks, of course. But, I hope you'll mark your calendars now and join in on the fun!

Monday Morning mp3

The Monday Morning mp3 for 10/16 is from Racetrack, with their song "The War At Home."

As mentioned in the shows for the week post, your last chance to see them here in Seattle an early gig (7pm) this Friday (10/20) at the YMCA Fusion Cafe with a bunch of great bands: The Pale Pacific, Peter Parker (a reunion gig -- first performance since 2002) and Patience Please. This is a VERA Project show.

Shows for week of 10/16

Monday, 10/16
Kasabian is tonight at Neumo's

Thursday, 10/19
Boss Tweeter, The Hungry Pines and The Capillaries at Nectar Lounge

Friday, 10/20
The Pale Pacific, Racetrack (their final show), Peter Parker, Patience Please at VERA (YMCA Fusion Cafe - 7pm)

Dept of Energy and Water Kill The Sun at Cafe Venus & Mars Bar

Saturday, 10/21
Irving and So Many Dynamos at the Paradox

Sunday, 10/22
Gomez and Matt Pond PA at the Moore Theatre

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Ben Gibbard & Colin Meloy vid from 826 benefit

While I'm posting from You Tube, I found this video of Ben Gibbard (Death Cab) and Colin Meloy (Decemberists) perfomring at a recent 826 Seattle benefit. They're doing a cover of Blur's "End of the Century."

Another Fastbacks video "from the vault."

And by "the vault" I, of course, mean You Tube.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Suburban powerpop moment

Although I imagine he'd shoot me if he knew I was posting this (Jon, do you read the blog?), I had a very suburban powerpop moment this evening. My wife and I were at the Target in Lynnwood (about 30 minutes north of Seattle), and I happened to notice a sale on cordouroy jackets. So, I tried one on and wandered over to the mirror in the men's section to see how it looked.

After glancing in the mirror, I turned to find Mr. Jon Auer doing the same (only with a nice pinstriped jacket). We said hello and exchanged some small talk. Not much more to tell you about the encounter. I just love random powerpop moments like that in life.

But, rather than just outing us as Target shoppers, I'll give you some Jon Auer news to make this seem like a legit post. Jon's headed to Europe in a few weeks for a full month of dates in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Holland, Belgum, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and Scotland.

I encourage you to support Jon and his new pinstriped jacket by buying his latest solo disc, titled "Songs From The Year Of Our Demise." You can get a taste via this mp3 of the song "Six Feet Under."

Travel safely, Jon, and don't kick my ass for posting about your Target shopping trip when you get back!

Tonight = More pop, less power

There are a couple of pop shows of interest tonight, albeit pop that is perhaps lacking in the power department.

I can't say I've heard a thing that Bettie Serveert has done in nearly a decade. But, they're playing at The Croc tonight with locals Lilydale. So, I headed over to their myspace page to see what they're sounding like these days.

They're touring behind a new record called "Stripped Bare Naked," and I suppose that's a reference to the fact that the stuff on their site sounds much lighter, more acoustic than the indie rock pop of their Palomine/Lamprey releases of the 90s. The stuff there didn't sound bad. But, it did sound a lot more polished, cleaner and "safer" than what I'm used to hearing from them.

This "new sound" (although they may have sounded like this for years, for all I know) is actually a really good match for openers Lillydale, who pretty much live up to a review in The Stranger that said they play "nice music for nice people." Nothing wrong with that!

Over at the Sunset Tavern, Three Imaginary Girls are presenting the album release party for Math and Physics Club, along with BOAT and The Seaworthies.

If you can't handle all the niceties going on at those two clubs, you could always bang your head at Moore Theatre to catch Queensryche. Actually, I'm not sure if Queensryche casuses one to band one's head, especially performing something called "Operation:Mindcrime II."

That sounds way too heady. Where's the shock, the horror... the SATAN of it all? As Bart Simpson once said, "Everyone knows the best bands are affiliated with Satan." :)

Rock show photos

I headed down to the Comet Tavern to see the big rock show with The Tripwires, Press Corps, Young Sportsmen, and The Neat. It was an all around good show. Here are some photos and comments along the way.

First up were The Neat. I enjoyed their set. I said to my friend Chris that it's always interesting to hear bands who play music as if they had not been exposed to the 1990s or 2000s at all. Indeed, these guys sounded straight out of somewhere around 1979... and I mean that it a good way. I do have a christmas gift idea for the bass player, and I hope to goodness that drummers wearing berets are not making a comeback (see photo below). Otherwise, good set!

Oh, and I totally covet this guy's Vox teardrop repro. It's purdy.

The Neat

Next up were the Young Sportsmen. No need for me to gush, because I think you all get it by now that I really like these guys. Their set was packed with their usual Superdrag-meets-The Figgs pop rockery. Aside from the music, an interesting part of their set was when the Comet blew a fuse, leaving only the drummer able to make audible sounds. In his honor, here's a shot of him playing:

Young Sportsmen

Third on the bill was the Press Corps, who took me on a time warp to about 15 years ago. I probably won't make any friends by saying this, because the band is made up of well known musicians. But, I found the whole thing kind of boring. Of course, I'm a melody kind of guy, so your milage may vary.

I almost ran out of steam during the Press Corps set and considered leaving. But, I loves me some Tripwires, so I hung in there. And I'm glad I did, since I got my second wind as soon as they took the stage. I adore their mix of Big Star powerpop, admitted Nashvile Ramblers fascination and telecaster twang. Rootsy, but catchy. Rocking, but melodic. They're one of my favorite bands in town.

I took a bunch of photos of The Tripwires. These two are my favorites:

The Tripwires

The Tripwires

Friday, October 13, 2006

Tripwires & Young Sportsmen tonight!

If you're looking for something to do this evening, I whole-heartedly recommend heading down to the Comet Tavern. Two of my favorite bands are playing this evening - The Tripwires and Young Sportsmen.

Also on the bill are The Neat from Portland and The Press Corps, who have an obviously impressive Seattle lineage (members from Fluid, Mudhoney, Alta May, Green River).

It should be the rock.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Seattle Powerpop Blog presents...

I'm pleased to annouce the first live show "produced" by the Seattle Powerpop Blog! The show will be on Friday, November 3 at Cafe Venus & Mars Bar. There will be three great acts for you to take in, and I'll be making an announcement in the next day or so about who those acts are. But, rest assured it will be cool and will rock.

I thought I'd go ahead and mention that the show is going to happen and hope that you will all mark your calendars to join in on the fun.

I'm planning on doing these types of shows on some semi-regular basis, and I'd like to have some name other than "Seattle Powerpop Blog presents..." So, if anyone out there can think of a cool event name, please post it in the comments here or send me an email. The person who comes up with the name will be put on the guest list for life. That's right, for life. Anytime I put together a show under the name you provide, you'll get in free.

How about them apples!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

More on funny press photos & P. Holly video

So, you might remember I posted a few weeks back about some funny press photos from the 1970s. Well, Pete Holly was among the groups that I noted as perhaps not all being insanely funny looking in those photos. Well, Pete himself commented on the blog, and in that message he included his website, which guided me to this video. Cool to see he's still at it.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Maybe Snapvine ain't my demographic

So, I've had this Snapvine doohickey on the Seattle Powerpop Blog myspage page for several weeks now, and there has been but one comment left for me. So, I'm thinking that perhaps Snapvine is intended for a different demographic than what reads the blog.

Of course, I still really don't know who reads this blog, frankly. I'd love if people would comment more frequently on various posts so I could get more of a feel for you. But, I suppose a frog wants wings so it wouldn't bump it's ass on rocks, too.

As for Snapvine, I suppose there is no harm in leaving it on the site. But, I'm clearly not as cool as Anthrax. They have 65 messages, all apparantly from hyper teenage boys and perhaps a few older dudes who still have some rock in them... and one lady.

Pretty amusing, actually.

Performance video from the vault

I just found this video over on You Tube of the Young Fresh Fellows performing several songs live in KTZZ-TV in 1992.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Shows for week of 10/9

It's another week with some cool shows worth checking out.

Wednesday, 10/10
The Who at Key Arena

"The Love Fest" at the High Dive, featuring Central Services, Karen Pernick, and New West Motels. Rob, leader of the New West Motels, is getting married this weekend and this is the pre-wedding rock show that features songs written for his wife-to-be Charis.

Friday 10/13
The Tripwires, Press Corps, Young Sportsmen and The Neat at the Comet Tavern.

Visqueen & Bre Ellen (of Daylight Basement) at the Crocodile.

The Kings of Leon are opening for Dylan at Key Area, too. That seems odd to me.

Saturday, 10/14
The Degrees at the High Dive

Monday Morning mp3

It's a hectic time for me at work. So, blogging might slow a bit over the next week or so. But, I did want to get the Monday Morning mp3 out there.

This week it's Explone's tune "Red Coat."

Note: I think that link will take you to a direct download rather than firing it up in your media player.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Bre Loughlin performance vid

Here's another You Tube video by vaporized, this one of Bre Loughlin of Daylight Basement performing "Godspeed Girl."

Studio 66 "report" w/photos

I took in the next-to-last Studio 66 for the year down at Lo Fi Gallery tonight. There is only one more of these for the year (Decmeber, I believe). So, be sure to hit the next one if you missed this one.

The bands for the night were Cantona and the Boss Martians. As usual for Studio 66, there was also go go dancers and image projection on the wall beside the bands. More on that later.

But, first up was Cantona, who I liked quite a bit, in spite of their bass player's nagging technical issues. And when I say nagging, I mean for him moreso than the crowd. As a fellow bassist, it was noticeable to me. But, he soldiered on and I'm sure 90% of the room didn't notice. The set was otherwise great, and I was pleased with my first chance to see them perform.

The photos I took of Cantona are considerably artier than my normal fare, thanks to my experimentation with the lighting settings on my camera. They're not great, but these two are interesting. Apparantly my new camera has a "set subject on fire" setting of which I wasn't aware!



While Cantona performed, the go go dancers did their thing. Now, I usually keep the blog pretty positive, but I've gotta say I'm consistently underwhelmed with Tangerine Tonic. Don't get me wrong, I love the *idea* of go go dancers at the show. But, these ladies often make me more uncomfortable than entertained.

Tonight, for example, I was afraid this particular dancer's somewhat awkward gyrations (pictured below) were going to cause her to fall off her little box. There was literally a moment in which I wondered to myself if I'd have enough time to set my drink down before having to catch her, or if I'd just have to pitch it in order to get there in time. In that moment, it wasn't a matter of if she was going to fall, it was more like when. Thankfully, it never materialized.

Tangerine Tonic

Anyway, back to the show. After a short DJ set that featured some great cuts, including "Fun" by Sly and the Family Stone, who I adore, the Boss Martians took the stage. They rocked the house, although their instrument volume was a little too much for the little Lo Fi PA system. Thus, I couldn't hear the vocals as much as I would've liked. But, that didn't keep it from being an enjoyable set.

Boss Martians

Interesting side note: At the Boss Martians's merch table they also have a donation jar for gas money and van repairs. I wonder how much they earn with that thing?

Final note: What was up with the image projections that were on the wall all night. Normally they're cool. Tonight, they seemed out of left field. They were odd, occasionally disturbing and not so mod or jazzy, although possibly a bit psychedelic in a creepy way. :)

Friday, October 06, 2006

Central Services live on KEXP

Although I cannot for the life of me figure out how to link directly to the file, Central Services played a four song live set (with some interviews in between tunes) on KEXP on October 3 at noon. So, if you head over to the KEXP archive page and go through the "listen by time" option, you can select that date and time to give a listen. You'll first be treated to a Snow Patrol tune, and Central Services will start up thereafter.

Central Services also has a steaky new website.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Death Cab "backstage pass"

I came across an MTVu piece called "backstage pass" on Death Cab for Cutie. Unfortunately, I can't embed it here on the blog. But, it's a relatively interesting (if somewhat rudimentary) interview of the band. It's worth 6 minutes of your time...

Daylight Basement situation continues

Well, now it's just getting downright interesting. The blog/bulletin that Bre previously posted regarding Daylight Basement (see previous post) was deleted and replaced with this sentence:

3 people can sure make a lot of racket;)

Sounds juicy. But, I've got no insight or details.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Boss Martians video & Studio 66 gig

Here's a video from the Boss Martians' with their song "oh angela" from their 2004 release. They're playing at the Studio 66 gig this Saturday (10/7), and unfortunately it's looking like this will be the last Studio 66 for a while.

Studio 66, The Romantics and a crapload more

There are a number of shows to check out this week that are in addition to the rock and roll gridlock that we've got happening on Thursday.

Tuesday, 10/3 (tonight!)
Guster and Nada Surf are at the Moore Theatre
Patience Please and So Do You at The High Dive

Friday, 10/6
Llama, Down With People, The Light Year at The Comet Tavern

Saturday, 10/7
Studio 66 featuring Boss Martians and Catona at the Lo-Fi Gallery
The 826 Benefit featuring Speaker Speaker and Water Kill the Sun at the High Dive

Perhaps most excitingly, The Romantics are at El Corazon on Saturday, as part of a Little Steven's Underground Garage night also featuring Shadows of Knight (of "Gloria" fame) and The Charms.

Shadows of Knight first album cover - 1966

The Daylight Basement situation

I had heard rumblings about Daylight Basement and their existence as a band. Well, Bre just posted the following bulletin & blog via myspace, titled "No- DB has not and cannot break up," that gives some context and explanation.

I suppose what we can take away from this is that as long as Bre chooses to perform under the name Daylight Basement, then the group cannot break up. But, I suppose what we can also take away from this is that Daylight Basement is more of a name under which Bre performs than a "band," per se. Nothing wrong with that. Just a different context.

Thus, I suppose the rumors of their demise were based in people (myself included) assuming that the recent band-like incarnation of Daylight Basement was a permanent set up -- at least as "permanent" as any band line up is. Anyway, here's the message from Bre.

Somebody said that they heard from somewhere that the band broke up.

Let me quote Joey Veneziani and Dejha C on more occasions that can be counted,

"Daylight Basement is not a band".

Davis would disagree.

People quickly forget that DB was me, my guitar, and my computer. For the CD release, I got the priveledge to play with good friends and musicians.

I will never forget the early shows, when people would rush up and ask "who did that?- The programming? The other instruiments."

Let me see- On stage there was: 1) Me, 2) Guitar and amp, 3) Computer.

Men in the electronic community did not receive the same questions.

And not that it matters.

What does matter is this:

Daylight Basement was my moniker for writing elecro-pop.

I would like to thank the talented instrumentalists that gave everything they could at the time.

I will be writing another album under that moniker in 2007. Many songs are already drafted.

In the mean time- I just feel like playing with the acoustic.

It's what I feel right now.

No beats. No synth. Nothing to hide behind. Just the words and the song.


I am Daylight Basement.
I'm also Bre Loughlin.

Nurse, auntie, moodie lady who's in love with the world.

See you Thursday at Nectar, or on Oct 13 at the Croc...

Monday, October 02, 2006

Why I hate Thursday, October 5

The "perfect storm" of bands I like is happening on Thursday, October 5. How's this for a selection, all performing on Thursday, 10/5?

The Crocodile: Unsmashable Records Showcase featuring The Reluctants, The Riffbrokers, The Small Change and The Quiet Ones

Sunset Tavern: The Sea Navy album release party

Funhouse: The Snakebites album release party

Nectar Lounge: The Dept. of Energy

The High Dive: The Nada Mucho Show with For The Fields, The Sun Ups, Channel and Carisa.

... and I swear there's something else that I can't currently remember.

The Sea Navy interview

The Sea Navy has a new record and an album release party for that record this week at the Sunset Tavern (Thursday, 10/5). I interviewed main guy Jay via email. Enjoy the read!

1. How do you think others would describe The Sea Navy, and is that the same or different than you'd like to think of yourselves?

I would say we are an indie rock band from Seattle, WA. However it always depends how much people know about music. For instance a friend of mine was telling me the other day he went out with some people from work and he was explaining what his band sounded like. He mentioned Elvis Costello and he was greeted by blank stares. You would think that people in their 30s would be able to grasp a reference like that but you never know. Same thing with genres. If say to a relative we are an indie rock band that doesn't do anything so I usually say we have bass, drums and guitar and our songs are no louder or faster than The Beatles.

But if you talk to people who have an interest in music and they ask what we sounds like I tell them as far as the music goes I would say I am taking audio cues from Elvis Costello, The Modern Lovers, Billy Bragg, oldies radio, Gamble and Huff ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gamble_and_Huff ), Superchunk, Buffalo Tom, Ted Leo, early Lemonheads, Pavement, Guided By Voices, Teenage Fanclub. I am also taking a bit from Afghan Whigs, Come, U2, Helium, Sebadoh and Mission Of Burma but that does not come across in the music as so much as what I'm thinking when I'm writing.

2. What are your feelings about the state of pop in the Northwest and Seattle in particular? Where do you guys think you fit in?

We are still the new kids in school so I don't know how to answer that. I have been treated very nice by the bands, press and club people we have met so far so hopefully that continues.

3. The new record is coming out on 10/5. What are you most proud of with this recording? Anything you wish you could change?

No changes. This record is the record I wanted to make. This record would not be possible without TW Walsh. TW was a perfect match to work with for this record. I know TW from when we both lived in Massachusetts but never really got to work with him until we both moved to Seattle. We have overlapping musical references which is important when writing and recording. Every time he would add a keyboard part or a bass part I had to pick my jaw up off the floor. I would be sitting there wondering where he was pulling this parts from. They were perfect fits but they were things I would have never had thought of. He has a pair of golden ears which is something I thank him for daily. Everyone should go to www.thesoftdrugs.com and pick up his new record.

4. Why is the record called "oh these troubled times?" It's obviously a lyric in "arctic advice," but why choose it for the title? And while we're on the subject, what is "arctic advice" mean to you guys? Google produces some interesting results.

I have a pet peeve about naming albums after songs featured on the record so I thought I would use a lyric instead. "Oh These Troubled Times" works on a personal and political level. Also I think it sums up the feeling of the record. While the songs may sound happy the lyrical content might suggest otherwise.

The title comes from a lyric in Arctic Advice which was written a couple months after my then girlfriend, now fiancee moved to Seattle from Boston in 2002. Actually Arctic Advice is the first song on the record because it was the first song I wrote in Seattle. I couldn't find steady work so I turned to temping and was placed at this horrible company on the east side of Seattle and I was probably the most depressed I have ever been my entire life. I was one click away from selling all my musical equipment on Ebay. During my first week of temping a mass email went out to the entire full time staff alerting them to fact that the company was being sold and most of them (and most of these were people 50 and above who had been their a loooonnnnggg time) were getting laid off. The place was depressing enough and now all these people are walking around sobbing and comatose. So towards the end of the email was a brief pep talk of how even though the end was near they should still "carry on" and put on a happy face. I just thought that was some strange advice to give people. So the term "arctic advice" came from that experience.

5. The Sea Navy have been performing for a while now. What would the 2001 edition say to the 2006 edition?

Scott Craggs (drums, 2001 ) - (jokingly) "that ain't how that beat goes."
Nick Hubben (bass, 2001) - "Brighter. More distorted. (just kidding.) I think T-dub sounds great, always have."

6. If you could open for any band, from any time period, who would it be and why?

Here are some bands I would have liked to open for or at least be in the audience…..Talking Heads (1977 to 1979), Matthew Sweet ("girlfriend tour"), Elvis Costello & The Attractions ("armed forces" tour), U2 (any tour before 1984), Pavement (any period), The Modern Lovers (any period), Lemonheads ("lovey" tour)

7. Who are your favorite Seattle bands and why?

I'm going to include other NW bands….DCFC, Long Winters, Thermals, Spinanes, Modest Mouse, 764Hero, Can't See, Siberian, Cops, Western States, Pedro The Lion, The Soft Drugs, Boat, Vive Voce, Laura Viers, Juno, Whalebones, Swaybacks, Decemberists, Common Market, Elliot Smith, Helio Sequnce, The Shins, Neko Case, Joggers, Sleater-Kinney, Julie Dorion, Jesse Sykes, Sunny Day Real Estate, Love As Laughter, Pond, Seaweed, Beat Happening, Zumpano, Crystal Skulls, Model Photographer...I know am missing a bunch but that is what I think when I think of NW bands I like. I have always been a fan of music from this area. I have been very lucky to have lived in great cities (philadelphia, boston, seattle) for music. I feel lucky to be part of the music scene in Seattle.

Monday Morning mp3

[sarcasm] Happy monday morning! [/sarcasm] Ugh... I'm dragging a bit this morning. Some weekends just don't last long enough. But, at least we've got the Monday Morning mp3 to get us by until lunch.

Today's mp3 is from Portland's Montauk Ghost with a track called "Orwell Going Down." Matt Brown, main guy in Montauk Ghost, is (like myself) a former Chapel Hill, North Carolina resident and was in a very cool group called Ashley Stove. It's good to hear him cranking out more good music.

If their myspace page is to be believed, they have a record coming out tomorrow.