Monday, April 30, 2007

If You're Only Doing One Thing...

So, if you're only going to one show this week, I'm going to recommend it be the show featuring:

The Tripwires
Sgt. Major
The Riffbrokers

This one is on Friday, May 4 at The Comet Tavern. There's nothing about this bill that I don't like... except perhaps it's not one that is sponsored by the Blog. For all intents and purpopses this is an SPB Powerpop Night, because lord knows it's a bill I would've put together, given the chance!

I have no idea what order these guys are playing in, because it seems to be listed differently on every website I check. They all rock, so the running order really doesn't matter. And for all of my lack of ability to get them booked on an official SPB Powerpop Night, The Tripwires are still my favorite local band.

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