Monday, December 10, 2007

TIG best of polling

Three Imaginary Girls has their annual "best of" voting happening right now. So, head on over and give your local powerpop faves some props.

Thusfar my ballot includes The Tripwires, Young Sportsmen and Andy Werth. I'm not sure about the other two just yet.


Anonymous said...

Hello, Have you considered adding Curtains For You? Their show at the High Dive on Friday the 7th (with The Empty City and The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir) was sooo much fun. Dance contests, sublime, intelligent pop, delivered with passion and purpose, and an engaging, fun to watch performance were the order of the night. This band is just getting better and better. (and no, I'm not a member of the band, just a big fan).

Anonymous said...

The Tripwires - Makes You Look Around

Shake Some Action! - Shake Some Action!

The Young Sportsman - Death to Palaces

The New Pornographers - Challengers

The Tranzmitors - The Tranzmitors

Seattle Powerpop said...

I finished up my ballot. Final list:

The Tripwires - Makes You Look Around

Young Sportsmen - Death to Palaces

Andy Werth - Seeing Stars

The Color Bars - Kairos at Infinity

Kurt Hagardorn - Ten Singles

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