Monday, August 04, 2008

The Whole Damn City at The Sunset Friday

I was really looking forward to seeing Tim Rogers (lead singer/songwriter of the excellent Australian band You Am I) at the Sunset Tavern this Friday but the Department of Homeland Security put the kibosh on the show by denying Mr. Rogers a visa. Apparently Tim Rogers’ visa wasn’t denied it just wasn’t issued in time to support his US tour. Here’s what his MySpace page says: “Due to events outside our control, the US tour has unfortunately been cancelled. We are all very disappointed, and will look to reschedule in the near future.”

That’s the bad news. The good news is that The Small Change and Thee Sgt. Major III are still playing the gig along with an all-star Seattle rock ‘n’ roll You Am I cover band, The Whole Damn City featuring members of The Presidents of the USA, The Tripwires, The Small Change, Young Sportsmen, The Riffbrokers, The Doll Test, Tube Top(!) and more, playing the very best of the You Am I catalogue.

Don’t miss this show; it’s sure to be great.

You Am I - "Get Up"

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Anonymous said...

the visa wasn't denied, it just didn't arrive in time.